Starts as early as two years old and up.

Little Tennis

This introductory lesson provides participants with basic tennis principals, catching, throwing, and eye-hand coordination fundamentals in an energetic and fun environment.

Reduced Bounce Balls Used

Junior Beginner

This introductory level class provides general instruction on stroke fundamentals while teaching the overall foundation of PASSION programs.

Reduced Bounce Balls Used

Junior Intermediates

These classes are designed for the player who shows continual improvement with the basic stroke techniques and on court positioning. The goals of these players are to participate in small competitive environments like challengers and socials to get ready for H.S. or inner club tournaments. Kids are able to display on court passion philosophies learned in class.

Reduced Bounce Balls Used

Junior Advanced

Advanced drills, techniques, and instruction that are centered around match play situations with the intention of playing tournaments year round. This group is able to work as a team to accomplish everyone’s goals.

Team Passion

This high-performance class is for tournament players demonstrating dedication and leadership skills. Advanced strategies, stroke production, fitness training, and mental toughness are visible on and off the courts as this group works toward a common goal. Players with intention of playing college tennis are in this group.

Mentor Program

Mentors are chosen players who have displayed leadership skills, true PASSION for tennis and the program, emotional maturity both on and off the court. They have earned the respect of coaches, parents, and players. They have the patience and ability to assist coaches and mentor all players in the program. You will often see them demonstrating during lessons, assisting in match play and help other levels acclimate to lessons.

Passion Fitness Program

Passion Programs offers age-appropriate fitness classes. Our philosophy is that if you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle off the court, you will be that much stronger and injury free and efficient on the court. Classes are diverse, challenging, and use various tools to keep them interesting.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons- Private lessons give the player an opportunity to work on their individual goals with their game whether it’s focusing on technique for shots, developing weapons, or strategies for match play situations.  We work at your pace and with intentions of advancing at the most efficient lesson plan to accomplish your goals.

Adult Programs

Adult Group Lessons- Players may form their own groups with friends and or teammates ranging from 3-8 players.  Lesson length is 1 hr 15 min to 1.5 hr. We pick a time that works best for the groups’ schedule.

Adult Team Clinics (USTA)- This practice session usually is no shorter than 1.5 hr and can go up to 1 hr. 45 min as well.  Typically players are all from the same team however that is not necessary for the group to form. These classes are structured around patterns of play for match situations.  The focus will be on goals for the TEAM!