How do I get started?

Reach out to Tennis Director Matt Springer with text, phone call or email.

 (702) 232-4632


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The recommendation is always to set up a one-on-one private lesson or level assessment for the best results. This will allow the coaching staff to evaluate the players’ level, gain some dialogue between coach and student, as well as place them into the appropriate class.

Do I need a racquet?

We offer demo’s for every age and level of player to use at no cost during lessons.  Until player(s) decide if they are interested or what style of player they will become, we encourage you to use our high quality racquets.  We also allow players to take them home during this process. Once you decide this is the sport for you, we will help guide you on appropriate grip size, length and brand that is best for your goals and playing style.   

Can I attend both private and group lessons/ clinics?

We recommend both for sure.  Private lessons allow the player to tackle personal goals for your tennis journey in a more customized atmosphere.  Tennis as in many sports is very challenging and having a faster success rate by adding private lessons helps with players confidence as well as adding weapons to their game.  Group lessons allow for what some consider an individual sport to actually become a part of a team and get the social side of the experience.

What are your group sizes?

That depends on the level.

Little Tennis is usually (4-6) ratio with mentors if (7-8) kids.

Jr. Beginner 8-1 ratio with mentor(s) assisting.

Jr. Intermediate (6-8)-1 ratio with mentor(s) assisting.

Jr. Advanced and Team Passion groups have up to 10-1 coach ratio due to the group having the ability to work as a team and doing more match play situational drills spread across multiple courts. Jr. Advanced & Team Passion will use college or past Passion Tournament Players no longer in the program to help assist with higher level hitting and guidance.

What is the commitment?

Commitment depends again on what your goals are.  Some are looking to enjoy once a week and slowly enjoy the love of tennis.  Others want to take a more fast track and go more often to speed up their journey.

Do you offer stringing?

Passion Tennis offers professional stringing and racquet customization services.  Let us help guide you into which string types and hybrids are best for your game. Typically 24-48 hr turn-around.